Labelle (Maniwaki)

Coordinator for the district of Labelle (Maniwaki)
Judge*:  Hon. Marie-Josée Bédard
Assistant:Nathalie Dumont
Phone:  819-776-8116
Fax:  819-776-5775
E-mail :


Master of the rolls, Superior Court
Name :  Julie Anka
Phone :  819 776-8100, ext. 60472
Fax :  819-772-3036

Schedule 1 - First Case Protocol in Civil Matters

Schedule 2 - First Case Protocol in Family Matters

Schedule 3 - Schedule of Practice Sessions

Schedule 4 - List of the Teams Links for the Virtual Hearing Courtrooms (Word's Version)

Schedule 5 - Instructions - Calliing of the Roll Practice Sessions

Schedule 6 - Joint Declaration to Fix a hearing of More Than Two Hours in Civil Matters

Schedule 7 - Joint Declaration for the Purpose of Scheduling a Hearing Lasting More Than Two Hours in Family Matters

Schedule 8 - Agreement Determining Support

Schedule 9 - Agreement to Suspend Support

Schedule 10 - Agreement to Extend a Safeguard Order

Schedule 11 - Agreement to Appoint Counsel for the Child

Schedule 12 - Demand to Homologate an Agreement

Schedule 13 - Application to Extend the Time Limit to Set the Case Down for Trial and Judgment

Schedule 14 - Notice of Presentation - Civil Practice 

Schedule 15 - Notice of Presentation - Family Practice 

Schedule 16 - Consent to Psychosocial Assessment

Schedule 17 - Contempt of Court - Draft Order to Appear

Schedule 18 - Request for Setting Down for Trial and Judgment by Way of a Joint Declaration - Civil Matters

Schedule 19 - Request for Setting Down for Trial and Judgment by Way of a Joint Declaration - Family Matters

Schedule 20 - Instructions - Calling of the Provisional Roll

Schedule 21 - Request for a Settlement Conference

Schedule 22 - Notice to Witness (Courtroom Identified) 

Schedule 23 - Notice to Witness (Courtroom Unidentified)

Schedule 24 - Information Document for Witness at a Virtual Hearing

Schedule 25 - Joint Trial Plan

Schedule 26 - Schedule of Bankruptcy and Insolvency Practice Sessions

Schedule 27 - Directives Concerning the Use of Technologies During Hearings at The Superior Court, the Court of Quebec and Municipal Courts


Consent to Psychosocial Evaluation and Consultation of Records

Notice Concerning Other Orders or Proceedings (section 16 of the Regulation of the Superior Court of Québec in family matters)

Day and frequency :    January 29th, 2021; March 12th, 2021; April 23rd, 2021; June 18th, 2021 and August 19th, 2021
Time :    9 a.m.
Courtroom :Virtual room # 2 (see list of Permanent Teams links)


Case management
Day and frequency :    January 29th, 2021; March 12th, 2021; April 23rd, 2021; June 18th, 2021 and August 19th, 2021
Time :9 a.m.
Courtroom :Virtual room # 2 (see list of Permanent Teams links)


Form: Joint Declaration to Fix a Hearing of More than Two Hours

Always check with the clerk’s office (819-449-5158) to validate the date of a hearing.

All commercial matters in the district of Labelle (Maniwaki) fall under the jurisdiction of the judicial district of Terrebonne (Saint-Jérôme).

Please refer to the guidelines applicable in the Terrebonne district.

All proceedings in criminal and penal matters must be referred to Judge Catherine Mandeville who is responsible for this chamber.

E-mail address:                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Telephone : (819) 776-8158                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Fax: (819) 776-8164

Appeals in criminal cases

The following procedure applies to appeals in criminal cases.

pro forma roll of criminal appeal cases is called on a date to be obtained from the Registrar. Once the notice of appeal has been filed in the record, the attorneys for the case or, if applicable, the parties representing themselves, receive a notice asking them to attend for case management purposes.

Members of the Bar practising outside the Gatineau region may attend the pro forma calling of the roll via a telephone conference call linking them to the courtroom.

When the roll is called, the judge:

  • requests information on the nature and scope of the legal and factual questions that will be debated during the hearing;
  • discusses with the attorneys or parties the need for a full or partial transcript of the hearing in first instance;
  • establishes a timetable for discussions between the parties and the placing in the court record of a brief containing:
    • a) a summary of the facts agreed on by the parties; if the parties are unable to agree, the judge may order each party to file its own brief;
    • b) a summary of the respective claims of each parties, including relevant references to the transcript of the transcript of the hearing in first instance, if required;
    • c) the applicable legal texts and regulations, if any, and the case law and doctrine that the parties intend to invoke in support of their respective claims; the relevant paragraphs must be underlined;
  • verifies the state of the file.

In all cases, the judge may specify any other measure needed to ensure that the file is ready.

At the calling of the pro forma roll, the attorneys are informed of the date set to hear the case. It is important for the attorneys in charge of the file to be present at the calling of the roll with their schedules.

As soon as an application for authorization to institute a class action has been filed at the clerk’s office, the  coordinating judge for class actions must be notified of the application.

For the general directives of the Class Actions Chamber, see Title IV (Directives propres aux affaires de la chambre des actions collectives) of the Directives de la Cour supérieure pour le District de Montréal (English version coming soon).

Register of class actions

Once an attestation that the file is complete has been issued, the cases are placed on a provisional roll, the same roll as in the Gatineau courthouse.

The provisional roll is called before the coordinating judge once a month at the Gatineau courthouse, in courtroom 11 or any other courtroom. The dates on which the provisional roll is called are available at the clerk’s office. The dates are the same as for the calling of the provisional roll in Gatineau. Attorneys and persons representing themselves receive a notice stating the date and time at which their case will be called. They must attend the calling of the provisional roll.

Provisional Call Dates (January to June 2021): February 17, 2021, March 17, 2021, April 21, 2021, June 16, 2021                                                                                                        Room and Time: The Provisional Call is held virtually in Virtual Room # 11 at 9:00 a.m.

Any urgent request can be addressed to the judge in chambers. It should be noted that the judge in chambers also sits in chambers and is therefore not available at all times. For the schedule of the chambers judge, you are invited to contact the office of the coordinating judge.

1) Application for postponement made on the day of the hearing

Every application for postponement made on the day of the hearing is decided by the coordinating judge or the judge responsible for the roll.

2) Contested or non-contested application for postponement made prior to the day of the hearing

For cases proceeding on their merits, subject to the following, every application for postponement, other than an application referred to in paragraph 1, must be made by letter or by motion and is decided by the coordinating judge or by the judge responsible for the roll of cases proceeding on their merits.

3) Application for postponement in the Family Practice Division

Every application for postponement must be submitted by letter or by motion to the coordinating judge.

Any request for specific case management or for the setting of a file by preference should be forwarded to the Coordinating Judge.

Every application for a pre-trial conference for a case ready to be heard may be submitted to the coordinating judge.


Several audiences are held in virtual or semi-virtual mode in virtual rooms created through Microsoft's "Teams" platform. All Civil, Family and Bankruptcy and Insolvency Practice Court sessions are held in virtual mode.

The interim appeal is held in virtual mode.

Hearings on the merits are held in virtual or semi-virtual mode and it is the coordinating judge or the judge responsible for the term who determines the appropriate hearing mode for each proceeding.


Numéros permanents TEAMS (voir la dernière page) PDF / Word (French only)