Superior Court Jurisdiction

The Superior Court, as the court of original jurisdiction in Québec, hears in first instance, and sometimes on appeal, all cases not expressly assigned to the jurisdiction of another Court or administrative body. In practical terms, this means that the Court is seized of civil and commercial cases where the sum at issue is $75,000 or more, as well as administrative and family matters, bankruptcies, jury trials in criminal cases and summary conviction appeals.

Furthermore, the Superior Court has, except in cases specifically provided for by law, superintending and reforming power over all tribunals and administrative bodies in Québec, excluding the Court of Appeal.

By law, the Superior Court of Québec currently comprises 145 regular judgeships divided between the divisions of Montréal and Québec. In addition there are supernumerary judges whose number may vary from time to time.

Montréal Division

The Montréal Division is served by 102 regular judges, 89 of which are assigned to the district of Montréal and its surroundings, one (1) for the district of Longueuil, seven (7) for the districts of St-François, Bedford and Mégantic, and five (5) for the districts of Gatineau, Pontiac and Labelle.

Québec Division

The Québec Division is itself composed of 43 postings for regular judges, 30 of which for the district of Québec, three (3) for the district of Trois-Rivières, three (3) for the districts of Abitibi, Rouyn-Noranda and Témiscamingue, one (1) for the district of Alma, three (3) for the district of Chicoutimi, one (1) for the district of Rimouski, one (1) for the district of St-Maurice and one (1) for the districts of Baie Comeau and Mingan.